STARR Broadcasting - Suncrest Elementary

Be a star today, or not, your orbit is up to you!

Why Broadcasting? Three words that inspired its creation: Teaching, Daughter, & Baseball

Teaching...My initial idea is to help students use their voices (words) to inform others but, this idea developed into a means to serve as an educational outlet, giving students an ‘extraordinary’ elective that most talented students may not get the opportunity to participate in until college. Remember the questions posed to us as young students? What do you want to be when you grow up? What college do you want to attend? What pathway so you want to major in? Essentially, in order for students to give an educated and informative answer, teachers need to design creative opportunities for gaining these background experiences. These experiences need to be in a variety of fields, right? In my case, that is where the creation of STARR Broadcasting began, as an elementary elective. My hope being, to inspire students to use their words more productively. *keep in mind elementary electives do not carry a cumulative grade.
Daughter...As teachers, we are always asked to create environments like; responsive classrooms, student lead activities, and/or Educational Adventures of a lifetime. All encompassed in a world of ‘Tech-savvy Tikes’ these days. How can a teacher like me keep up? That’s where my daughter comes in. She is currently enrolled in a college with aspirations majoring in Journalism. This contributed to the real-life relationship I had already vested with her and her college. As journalist majors go, my daughter continually inspires me. When I read or hear the words in writings she has composed, it’s like music to my ears. All words that inform, educate, and hopefully inspire her readers and listeners like me.
Baseball...I have attended many baseball games from youth pony leagues to division II high school or legion level through professional status (Pirate fan) baseball games. One thing stood out to me that sealed the idea of creating a broadcasting elective. The Inspiring Words that I heard. The voice, the personality, the fun! All wrapped into one word, Broadcaster. Why couldn’t my students use their Words daily to commentate, to inform, to bring spirits up or leave an unforgettable branding on another’s heart. That’s when the idea solidified. Whatever their usage, Words have Power. If I wanted to truly inspire students, Broadcasting was it! I knew students loved to talk! So we harness that power at Suncrest Elementary and release it to an audience of youth that needs to realize, one voice can make a difference. So, “Be a Star today or not, your Orbit is up to You”. ~P.Morgan
*side note, Yes I know that stars do not orbit. However, their destination is created by the environment they are placed in. Rather they move on orbits around the center of a Galaxy. They can orbit the sun, but whole planets can orbit around stars! And stars can orbit one another. Therefore, I might venture to say Stars can change the world and the world actually Orbits around the Stars!

Photo of a woman smiling in a floral dress in front of a grey background.